What Are The Causes Of Tinnitus

Who wants a buzz? Definitely you can ask this to anyone but not to someone who is already experiencing one at the moment. The tinnitus is a condition that a person claims that he hears the bee following him everywhere. How would you really know the distinction between the mild symptoms and the critical conditions of tinnitus? What are causes of tinnitus and why they hear this in the first place?

Though there are two conditions of the tinnitus, the more critical type is the objective one because the sound that the person with tinnitus is hearing can be detected also by the doctor. If this is the case, the pulsatile tinnitus is the condition of the patient. The usual sound that the patient hears has a rhythmic pattern that can be followed by something that the doctor can also feel or detect. It could be the heart beat or the pulse or the breathing of the patient. If the noise you are hearing seems to be at the same rate and the same pattern such as that of the heartbeat, it may mean that the person who has the tinnitus is giving a symptom that something is wrong with the cardiac cavity of the person.

The causes of tinnitus are varying depending on the real cause of the disease. Tinnitus sometimes appears in only one ear, such as ringing in the left ear or ringing in the right ear. It could also be that the disease of the patient has already progressed when the tinnitus is already more serious than when it started. The sound that the patient hears could have been prevented to be on a louder note only if the patient took time to really evaluate what is happening to the body. The pulsating vibration of the body that is elicited in the sound can be really serious if it is not given enough medical attention. It is also a problem when the root causes of tinnitus are totally ignored. This is actually more dangerous because you will be really not helping yourself solve the issue that is being presented by tinnitus.

There will be times that the bothersome sound that the patient hears will be much more of a complication because there is already respiration that is also being triggered. This is a serious threat to the person as this may be a form of another kind of disease called Meniere’s disease which is already connected with the blood flow of the person and it could be really dangerous to a person who just waits for worse things to happen.

The many things that the person can do are in variation of forms only if they start with facing the fact that there is a problem. It won’t be helpful if the tinnitus is just let go or be treated like a normal situation. For elderly people, this may be normal as they are already experiencing old age and can be leading to the loss of their hearing ability. But if you are not yet in that age where you are to be accepted in a nursing home, more are to be done. You just have to be aware of what is happening to the body.

Efficient Management of Wastewater, its Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean Countries

Water shortage is currently one of the biggest concerns of human being worldwide and it becomes a global problem that affects seriously the lives of high numbers of the world population. According to the Kyoto summit in 2003 two billion people will not have access to safe drinking water supplies in the year 2015. The Mediterranean region belongs to the most affected countries in the world. 

The EMWATER partners’ aim is to create awareness of innovative solutions in wastewater treatment and its reuse and support the installation of new technologies of wastewater management. Experts from the field, decision-makers and interested citizens and civil organisations have to be involved to reduce the water shortages in the Mediterranean Region.


The primary outcome of the project will be to install and to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management of wastewater, its treatment and reuse in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.


Though the project is limited in time to 48 months, starting in 2003 and ending in 2007, the measures it aims to implement are designed to create long-term, positive effects in the region.